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1111, 2018

Sweet Almond Oil

Almonds have always been the nutritious source of nutrients for memory and  focus throughout our exam studying, great as a snack, thrown into salads…however Sweet Almond Oil has crept into cosmetics and has become a well-known ingredient in the industry…. Sweet Almond Oil keeps your skin cells healthy and the list of benefits go on …and on…although Sweet Almond Oil is a POWERFUL anti-oxidant ,  how well do you know the benefits of this incredible Oil? Anti-Inflammatory Assists with [...]

1111, 2018

Skin Care wellness

We all want that glorious radiant skin & perfect figures….we oooh & aaah at celebs because they look picture perfect which gives us the perception epitome of perfection BUT what we don’t realise at these moments are the the artistic abilities of their make-up artists and off course the talented photography skills –yet they certainly have caught our attention!!!! We tend to reflect on ourselves, wanting that Radiant skin, gorgeous figures and that no wrinkles look! So apart from the glamour that goes [...]

1111, 2018

Herbal Trees

Herbal Trees Cinnamon Tree The cinnamon tree grows to a height of about 10m. It has large oval shaped and sharp pointed leaves 10 to 20cm long. The hard woody heart of the branches is covered with soft bark. Cinnamon is gathered by scraping the bark with a knife or appropriate tool and then dried in the shade. Scientific Name                 : Cinnamon zeylanicum Spanish Name                   : Canela Usable [...]

3107, 2012

Getting to know your skin

How imperative is having a daily skincare regime? Do I really need to use a cleanser? Why do I need an SPF? How do I know what products to use? These questions get asked many times over, with many skincare products available on the market, it is absolutely normal to get all flustered and confused, many times people take what’s affordable or whatever a friend is using, or just not use anything at [...]


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