Reasons why Advertisers should Advertise on promotes functional foods. This industry is the fastest growing food industry whose sales have already exceeded the $1 trillion dollar global sales mark post 2017. In essence advertisers will be tapping into this alluring market. is the 1st site to offer comprehensive information regarding health related ingredients associated to actual products and linking them to lifestyle diseases. Health and Preventative lifestyle are some of the most researched topics on the internet. By providing a platform wherby users can search for functional ingredients and relate them to actual products is positioned to get more hits than any other sites that promote functional foods on the internet. is the 1st dynamic functional food site to offer an interactive interface that is a defacto repository of information through the use of like button and rating. The more the users that use the site, the more it becomes a credible data repository as people provide feedback. In essence the site is expected to attain exponential growth as people switch between using the site for Research purposes to Reassurance based on other user experiences. The holistic package that the site offers for health inspired users therefore translates into value for advertisers.

Health Related searches offer some of the most sophisticated psychologically involving attentive searches. The need for comprehensive information when doing health related searches is often critical to users. By offering a comprehensive lifestyle targeted site provides a dynamic and advertising alluring site especially for advertisers in the Health related and Functional food industry. targets users from 2 fronts, that is in the retail space, where the products are being sold by making use of a well marketed and highly visible Logo with QR code a space where the Heart Foundation has failed to provide interactivity. By scanning the QR code when a consumer sees the logo, they are taken to the respective product landing page in real time in order to make an informed purchase.  Further to that, also provides a desktop or smartphone search site for conducting home based searches by Lifestyle diseases. The totality of the user experience and multi-thronged approach of the offering provides advertisers with an enriched source of targeted advertising, thereby translating into superior value on money spent and returns on adverts.

Never before has the search for health lifestyle and functional foods been made easier when all the benefits and user related experiences are taken into consideration. is also a global site, and is poised to attract users from the Global marketplace. Advertisers will be literally tapping into the Global Functional food market or into the markets where the product listed are being sold, which will invariably surpass geographical borders. usage and user numbers is expected to follow a growth path that is aligned to smartphone usage, health awareness and lifestyle disease prevalence and awareness. Typically the trends for the 3 issues have been and are expected to keep experiencing exponential growth that is also aligned to the growth in the world human population. This trend offers advertisers a rich source of ever increasing market and value on adspend.