How imperative is having a daily skincare regime? Do I really need to use a cleanser? Why do I need an SPF? How do I know what products to use?

These questions get asked many times over, with many skincare products available on the market, it is absolutely normal to get all flustered and confused, many times people take what’s affordable or whatever a friend is using, or just not use anything at all! Sadly consumers tend to either buy wrong products without getting a professional skin analysis to ascertain their correct skin type. So how should one go about in choosing what suits them??? Have you ever looked in the mirror and started realising you have neglected your skin and THEN only do we start doing “DAMAGE CONTOL”  Lets turn around that concept of laziness or perception that looking great comes with a high price tag!!!!

Firstly skincare regime should be a priority not just a choice. With our lifestyle, bad eating habits, pollutants and the intensity of the sun’s rays…these all impact our skin. Ageing skin no more!!!! Here are some amazing tips to a great skin

·       Never go to bed with our make up on…Yes we all heard this many times over, but what does this really mean: our skin breathes at night, with make-up, sweat, impurities on the skin surface, pores are blocked creating no breathing space, creating pimples, white heads and blackheads.

·       Cleanser- This product is the foundation for a great skin, removes impurities, bacteria, leaves the skin refreshed and rejuvenated.

·       Face Exfoliation: highly advised twice or thrice weekly, dry/dead skin cells accumulate on the skin surface creating dullness & dryness….time to shed them away, a gentle scrub does skin tons of good, skin looks brighter, radiant and glows, any moisturiser/serum/night cream applied thereafter penetrates deeper into the skin layers

·       Sun Protection Factor (SPF) – This is a must have, apart from protection the skin from the harsh rays of the sun, we need to understand the harsh effects of the aircon, fluorescent lights which all play harmful roles in damaging the skin, so do not assume sitting in an air-conditioned office you are in a safe zone. A sun block should be applied every day to your skin, every season & become a routine into our daily lives….prevention is better than cure!

·       Stop rubbing your eyes!!! Our skin around our eye area is extremely delicate and any application of eye products, should be applied with a ring finger, because this creates the least amount of pressure and product should be dabbed very lightly.

·       Dry skin leads to ageing skin, hydration is key…..dehydration is a major cause of fine lines and wrinkles, keep skin hydrated inside & out, a great hydrating moisturiser, fresh fruit & veggies, water intake will certainly keep those wrinkles at bay.

·       Prior to any of my advice above, get a professional Skin Care Specialist to analyse and assess your skin to ascertain your skin type, most people tend to use products that aren’t for their skin type, what works for others won’t necessarily work for you, so getting a skin analysis will set you on the right path of understanding your skin and its needs.