Almonds have always been the nutritious source of nutrients for memory and  focus throughout our exam studying, great as a snack, thrown into salads…however Sweet Almond Oil has crept into cosmetics and has become a well-known ingredient in the industry…. Sweet Almond Oil keeps your skin cells healthy and the list of benefits go on …and on…although Sweet Almond Oil is a POWERFUL anti-oxidant ,  how well do you know the benefits of this incredible Oil?

  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Assists with dry skin- fantastic substitute for a hand & foot cream, quick absorption whilst bring am immediate relieve to dry skin
  • Acne- Heals & soothes Irritated skin
  • Anti-Aging- Enriched with Vitamin E to reverse and prevent signs of aging
  • Relieves sore & dry lips-Rough chapped lips- dab some of this therapeutic oil on those lips
  • Increases Blood circulation when used as a massage oil